LAX SO HARD featured in The Baltimore Sun September 01 2014

As LAX SO HARD continues to gain momentum in the marketplace, fans on social media and new retail outlets, we are also psyched to be registering on big media's radar!  We were so flattered to be contacted by The Baltimore Sun to be interviewed about the excitement around our brand, the details regarding our high quality fabrics and manufacturing, and our future plans.  Allison Eatough was able to get some good info out of our CEO, Jennifer Vick, about the hard work, and attention to detail, that went into launching this company and brand.  Our thanks to the retailers, customers and lacrosse enthusiasts who shared their thoughts in the article regarding our company... we are grateful.

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LAX SO HARD featured in Baltimore Fishbowl July 08 2014

We're beyond thrilled to have our CEO and champion, Jennifer Vick, featured in The Baltimore Fishbowl! With over 50,000 unique visitors to the site, we're on our way to becoming a household brand name. The editor really captured key elements of our brand in how we pay close attention to detail with each new article of clothing in the line and our commitment to making the best for the best athletes and fans of lacrosse. In the words of the press, "LAX SO HARD reflects a love and respect for the game that appeals to the athletes who play the sport and the adults who support them.  In lacrosse loving town like Baltimore, that’s a marketing plan destined for success." And we wholeheartedly agree!

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